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Challenged by how much more I could do as a Christian to make myself stand out from the world. Not as a boastful or showy demonstration, but as a life changed so thoroughly from within, that everyone whom God allows me to come into contact with has no doubt that it is Christ's power within my weakness that makes me strong! Nothing more. Absolutely in Christ Alone!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Never Forget

Today, in the midst of thoroughly enjoying my family of five (5! I love that), and soaking in all that is life and joy in the eyes of my littles and in the pleasure of being their guardian, I pause to absorb the quiet shadow of what this day 15 years ago did to our country, to the Church, and to us as individuals.

It's strange to have experienced such a tragedy in our lifetime, and know that my children have no capacity to understand it the same way I do. For me, September 11 was the first life changing event, now part of our history, that I will pass on to the next generation similarly to the way Pearl Harbor, the Holocaust, and other events were passed down to me. It's an important task. And one that I pray this generation doesn't take lightly.

My prayer today is firstly, for those who lost loved ones in the tragedy, and for those injured and suffering who survived. Time creates a scar and brings healing in many ways, but the loss is personal and real. Forever.

Secondly, my prayer is that the Church (myself in particular) continue to press into Jesus for personal revival and courage to share Christ's love in earnest. What the world needs now IS love. Jesus' love and grace given freely and received by faith.

Thirdly, my prayer is that our children, and our children's children, can embrace the truth of history, seek to preserve it and learn from it. To make it great again, and have the privilege of raising their own families with freedom and protection in this great land.

Lastly, my prayer is for the first responders and military - of whom I am so proud and thankful - that did and continue to pledge everything to protect and serve on our behalf.

I'm thankful that God has given me the opportunity to live in America, and I pray for her, her leaders, and her future.

I will never forget.

And may God bless our America, again.

P.S. I enjoyed reading this today:

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Image result for 9/11 pictures

Image result for 9/11 pictures

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